Dynamark Partners do more than sell accounts. They grow their own very profitable account bases too, and Dynamark helps them every step of the way.  Sure, there are plenty of central stations that can monitor your accounts, but there aren’t many that can help you grow.  Become a Dynamark Partner, and provide the customers you keep with the same world class monitoring.

That’s the reason you need a central station in the first place, and Dynamark excels when it comes to response. Our average response time is 16 seconds! Fast, reliable, and courteous, our dispatchers
make the difference.

Dynamark’s list of credentials is long, and will continue to grow. We meet the stringent requirements set forth by UL, FM, and IQ. Our certifications are always posted on our web site. Less than 5% of central stations reach the Five Diamond status, does yours?

We WILL save you money. Any central station can wow you with a low base rate, but from basic digital monitoring all the way to daily test signals, you have a lot of options. We’ll discuss what you need, and deliver the value that both you and subscribers expect. BONUS: No Hidden Fees- That’s correct, No extra run-a-way charges, frequent alarm activity fees, paperwork charges, nothing.

Every central station touts technology, but how many really deliver? Dynamark employs the very latest alarm receiving technology from Sur-Gard to DMP; from BoldNet Software to Tadiran Telecom Systems. Every system is double or triple redundant to make sure we are ALWAYS ready to process your alarm signals.

Dynamark’s state-of-the-art dealer portal gives you complete control over managing your accounts and saves you time. With DynaLink you can put on new accounts on-line, change existing accounts, track trouble signals, and more. You can even give limited access to your subscribers. BONUS: DynaLink Mobile – Use your iPhone, Android or tablet to put accounts on test, check signal activity and more. Manage your accounts from the palm of your hand!

With Dynamark, we look like you. We believe we are here to help you, and this gives you an edge.

a. When your customers call the central station, we answer using Your Company Name.
b. With callerID injection; when we call your subscribers, the caller ID shows Your Company.
c. If you give your customers DynaLink access, they will see Your Logo.

Would you like to be able to sell more systems and keep the accounts you have away from the competition? (In other words, increase business and reduce attrition.) Dynamark provides its dealers with dealer training and award winning marketing support. At no cost to you!

Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of its central station operators certified using the CSAA online training series.

We understand that we are here for you and your customers. Our commitment is to satisfy both your needs while helping to keep you safe.

The most important ingredient that makes a central station great is the people. At Dynamark our people care about our customers. They are here to help 24/7, 365 days a year. If you need to reach our management team for any reason, that is never a problem because their cell phone number is on their business card. The Dynamark Team is here to give you the service and the attention that you expect and that you deserve.