How Long Does it Take to Become a Partner?

The partner application process does not take very long. Once you sign a Letter of Intent to become a Dynamark Partner, our due diligence team will work closely with you to get all of the information we need to approve you as an Authorized Partner. The typical due diligence process takes about 14 days.

What Panels Can I Use?

Dynamark has the widest choice of panels in the industry. You can sell and install:

  • 2 Gig
  • Qolysys
  • Interlogix
  • DSC
  • Honeywell

We do believe in providing choices.

How long has Dynamark been in the security industry?

You will not have to worry any longer about joining a company that will run out of funding. Dynamark has a 40 year history and access to the funding you need to grow your business.

Can I earn Revenue Sharing?

Yes you can! What other program pays you double digit revenue sharing on the accounts we share? As a true partner with Dynamark, you will be rewarded for long term customer retention, and be able to build your­self a strong retirement base for the future!

Can I keep My Own Accounts?

Of course you can. We not only allow you to keep your own accounts… we encourage it. Dynamark Partners use our UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified Central Station to protect the accounts they keep along with the ones they sell. With Dynamark, you don’t have to worry about maintaining two separate central stations. We’ve got you covered either way!

What Type of Training Does Dynamark Offer?

All Dynamark Partners start out by attending DynaMax, our New Partner Boot Camp. It is designed to get you started on the right foot. This 2 day training has everything you need to make your company stronger, smarter, and even more competitive than you already are. Not all programs are created equal, and the quality of training is what sets the better ones apart. This training is mandatory for all new Partners, but you won’t find it be burdensome. We think you’ll leave wanting more.

How does the Co-branding Work?

Dynamark lets you use yard signs that put your logo front and center, making you the focal point of the sale.   The toll free phone number printed on the sign forwards directly to your office making sure you never miss a lead.

How Can I Get Started and Become a Part of the Dynamark Partner Program?

That’s easy. Just call us at 855-562-5276, or click here to contact us on the web.